A quick plan at 50: a good idea?

Lose weight easily after age 50 may be a little more difficult than when you were younge

To maintain your health, it is better to focus on a diet appropriate to your age group than to turn to a fast diet.

Why fast diets are not recommended after 50 years?
To lose weight after 50 years, it is essential to avoid the fast-paced regimes that only generate what is called the “yo-yo effect”: you will lose weight quickly but you find it even faster, often with extra pounds as a bonus …

It is better to opt for a diet focused on the balanced diet as advocated by the Cretan diet. Although it is possible to lose weight at any age, you should know that at fifty the metabolism slows down, so we burn fewer calories.

In women, in particular, the decline of estrogen occurring at menopause may promote overweight; As for man, he often becomes more sedentary with age, which increases the risk of overweight and obesity, often lodged in the abdominal area.

What are the recommended balanced diets?
In addition to the famous Cretan diet, some dietary approaches like Weight Watchers and the Dukan diet are considered appropriate for your age group. Here are two examples of daily menu, balanced, nutritious, and focused on an effective slimming approach:

A day with Weight Watchers:

Breakfast :
1 plain yogurt with 1 tbsp. fresh blueberries, stevia (optional), 1 slice of whole-grain bread and 1 slice of de-fattened white ham.

Lunch :
1 whole wheat pita bread with chicken breast, yogurt, dill, apple, 1 green tea.

Having dinner :
120 g veal scallop, 1 small potato with a small Swiss cheese (- 20% m.gr.), mushrooms and a drizzle of olive oil. More a pear or a little applesauce. Green tea or decaffeinated coffee without sugar or milk.One day of Dukan diet

Breakfast :
1 omelette (1 whole egg + 1 white), parsley, a little parmesan. A green tea or a coffee + an apple.

Lunch :
Grilled prawns, 1/3 cup brown rice, asparagus. Fillet of oil and lemon juice. Some fresh strawberries with natural yoghurt.

Having dinner :
1/3 of lentils with tomato, 1/2 chicken breast or 2 slices of turkey, green salad. Green tea.

Useful tips
To put the odds on your side, start by limiting the sugars to the maximum. Avoid as much as possible commercially prepared meals, often too rich in sugar and fat. Learn how to cook light desserts or just enjoy a fruit or a compote (apple, pear, berries) to fill a craving for sugar after a meal or snack.

Drink enough water; it’s a great way to eliminate toxins and fight cravings.

In conclusion, trying to lose weight at any cost, by trying an express diet, is not a good idea. A rebalancing food and active walking will bring you a slimming result more gradual but much more durable.

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