Lose weight in 3 weeks

Losing weight in 3 weeks is a very ambitious goal. We are always looking for ways to lose weight quickly in record time. This is entirely possible, but it requires foolproof determination and military discipline as well as the right techniques.

Lose weight in 3 weeks: yes it is possible
Although it may seem utopian, if not impossible, losing weight in 3 weeks in 21 days is a very achievable goal. Lose weight quickly is above all a question of discipline, will and knowledge.

Indeed, weight loss in 21 days requires establishing a well-defined goal as well as a specific program. It is quite possible to create your own free program with some research.

Lose weight fast: foods to avoid and choose the right diet
During a fast weight loss program, the selection of foods and the diet to be performed is essential. If dietary restriction can work for a traditional and slow diet, for a quick program the restriction is not advised.

Indeed, in a fast program, the goal is to increase the time when the metabolism burns fat. To do this, the body needs energy provided by the so-called healthy fats and foods, which eliminates the dietary restriction. The best solution is to adopt a low-calorie diet with meals rich in fiber and protein while avoiding toxic products for the body.

Canned foods are to be avoided for the majority while fresh and organic products are preferred. It should be known that the accumulation of fat on a part of our body comes often from the system of protection of our metabolism vis-a-vis the toxins that we ingest. The toxins that can not be eliminated are stored in the fat of our body, which promotes our weight gain.

The goal will be to drain all the toxin from our body to release the fat leaving storage, this through a healthy diet. There are also detox programs that can be followed, these programs generally require drinking water, green tea and fruit juice (especially lemon) throughout the day.

Select the right physical exercises
Accelerated weight loss must be accompanied by regular physical exercise to condition our metabolism to burn fat. It must be known that after physical exertion, the metabolism promotes fat burning, even hours after exercise.

It’s up to you to choose to establish the exercise program you want to lose belly fat or lose thighs. However, at first, promote cladding practices as well as static rather than toning efforts to promote fat burning. It is thus possible for each man, lose weight legs or any other part of his body by displaying the appropriate practices.

Note that depending on your weight and your weight loss goal, it will be necessary to regularly practice the physical program that you have set. For a weight loss greater than 10 kg in 21 days, count physical efforts 3 to 4 times a week.

Lose weight at high speed in less than 21 days is quite possible by sporting a healthy diet without toxin while playing sports regularly. Weight loss is guaranteed and without having a yo-yo effect at the end of the program.

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