To grow while eating less: normal?

Many people eat less to lose weight. While this may seem logical, in many cases this entails weight gain. Find out why and how to avoid this effect.

Eat less to lose weight fast: a false good idea
I want to lose weight, I eat less and yet I get fat, how to do? The human body follows a basic logic: the fewer inputs you provide, the more it stores and the more the body refuses to burn calories. It saves itself to the maximum. Any food consumed will be immediately stored for your survival. This is known as the “famine” mode.

In case of too strict regime, he follows this process. You eat less by thinking you lose weight quickly, but the opposite happens: at best you lose weight, at worst you get fat. Even if you eat very little.This is also the main reason that explains the famous yoyo effect, when after a diet, we take all the weight lost and even more.

Tips for really losing weight
If you want to lose weight, the first thing to do is to calculate your actual calorie needs. Many calculation methods are available online.

You must calculate 3 elements: – Your basal metabolism: the number of kcal that your body needs just to survive. If you consume less than this number, your body goes into starvation mode: you store, in addition to putting your health at risk.

  • Your number of kcal spent: this is your basal metabolism, plus all your daily activities. If you consume more kcal than this number, you get fatter. If you consume as much, your weight stagnates.
  • Your caloric deficit: it is the number of kcal spent each day, which must be removed between 200 and 400 kcal. The result gives you the number of kcal you need to eat each day to lose weight healthily.

Many people are surprised by these calculations. While they are hungry with diets at 1500, 1200 or even 900 kcal / day, they discover that it does not even cover the vital needs of their body! That’s why they end up not losing weight and they start to grow: the body goes into starvation mode.

Once you know how many calories you really need to eat each day to slim down without putting yourself in danger, you will have to divide it into fat, carbohydrate and protein.

The benefits of an adapted diet
Even if your goal is to lose weight fast, know that it is not good for health. It is better a slower diet, but really based on your needs, in which you eat everything (meat, sugar, bread, fruit …) and that will be very easy to keep in the long run. This is the assurance of achieving one’s goal and then not taking anything back.

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