7 rules to respect for a flat stomach in 3 weeks!

Want to find a flat stomach and display a dream silhouette at the beach or at the pool? Here are 7 rules to respect to get a stomach in 3 weeks.

Do a lot of sport

There is a multitude of physical exercises that you can practice to lose abdominal fat in 3 weeks. At home, in the office or in the room, you can perform simple actions that will help you lose weight in the stomach.

Using a chair, you can perform sets of “chest knees”, “forward tilt” or “knee lift”. Every day, practice 15 minutes of HIIT: 10 seconds of sprint + 10 seconds of recovery. 4 to 5 times a week, take a walk around the room to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

To stay motivated, register in the classroom and follow a training program. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist.

Avoid foods with strong tastes

In the quest for a flat stomach, many people think directly about sports activities. But before taking the path to the gym, it is essential to review your lifestyle and your diet.

To lose weight of the belly, you must avoid consuming plants as well as foods with strong tastes. Onions, garlic, bananas, cooked tomatoes and shallots are all foods that can cause flatulence.

Reduce your salt intake

Salt is one of the elements that promotes water retention in the body. By decreasing your salt intake, your body will eliminate the excess you have accumulated over time. So you will be able to have a flat stomach and firm in 3 weeks.

Drink ginger juice

If salt promotes water retention in the body, ginger to the contrary. The consumption of ginger will help you reduce bloating. Grate it and add it to your cup of green tea or boil some pieces to get ginger tea.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

To lose your belly, you must be careful what you drink. In the morning when you wake up, drink a glass of water to stimulate your gut. Throughout the day, just drink water. Strong coffee, soft drinks or tea in high quality are to be avoided.

Take your meals at constant hours

Many studies show that taking meals at the same time of day promotes metabolic regulation. From the first days of your program, adopt a regular rhythm for your three daily meals as well as your snacks.

If possible, always choose a quiet place to eat. Also take the time to chew the food thoroughly before swallowing.

Be relaxed

In addition to your diet, your mental state will also be critical to achieving your goal. Indeed, it is shown that stress promotes the appearance of the belly. During the three weeks, think of easing your schedule.

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