Adopt the Chris Powell diet to lose weight

Lose weight, a goal for more than one, but still difficult to reach. Indeed, dieting is far from being a mere formality, discipline requiring a lot of discipline and personal discipline.

But for people who are really determined to lose their extra pounds, Chris Powell’s method is without a doubt the best solution. This slimming program is relatively known in the United States for the miracles it produces.

Coach Chris Powell helps Americans with obesity regain normal weight to regain self-confidence and healthy living. The effectiveness of its method has been proven through the program “Extreme Weight Loss” which is relayed on the W9 and TNT channels.

A method based on carbohydrates

The originality of this concept is to favor foods rich in carbohydrates, in other words, which contain slow sugars and dishes containing gluten. However, rules must be respected for the method to work.

The focal point of the program is based on carbohydrate phases to follow scrupulously. Let me explain. You have to bring all the energy the body needs to function well by eating foods rich in carbohydrates.

In this way, you will have the strength to play sports, more than essential parameter in this program. Then comes the period of deprivation for your body to draw on its reserves and burn calories. Since this is a cycle, these two phases must be alternated.

The main advantage of this diet is that it is suitable for people who do not want to deprive themselves of what they like to eat. The only constraints? It takes a lot of sport to sculpt your body, but also to eliminate fat faster.

You have the choice between running, cycling, indoor sports or team, to vary according to your schedule. Also, avoid eating foods high in calories and too fat despite not depriving themselves.

How does Chris Powell diet?

The carbohydrate phase mentioned above consists of taking vitamin-enriched, protein-rich meals that are mostly composed of 75% if possible of carbohydrates. A carbohydrate phase diet consists of:

Define your menu in advance;
Take 5 meals a day of 1500 calories;
Eliminate strong foods in calories and fatty foods;
Never skip meals of the day;
Leave an interval of 3 hours at each meal;
In your everyday menu, put a fun food;
Minimum of 1 hour of intense sport per day.

A menu idea with Powell sauce

Around 7h: 2 eggs with wholemeal bread
Around 10h: Sweet potatoes with steam
Around 13h: Carbonara dough with a fruit as a dessert
Around 17h: Vegetable salad (grated carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and sweetcorn)
Around 8 pm: Rice to accompany lean meat like fish or a lean filet mignon

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